Why Purposely Loved?

Why Purposely Loved?

Hi, I’m Jennifer. Welcome to Purposely Loved.

Writing has always been a means of escape for me and for a long time it was always very self-centered. It was about my life, the things I wished to experience, whether it be falling in love, sometimes with celebrities (yes I wrote fan fiction, I’ll talk about that in another post) or encountering a new world. Shortly after giving my life to Christ I was excited to share the Gospel and it was then that I realized that I could use my passion for writing to share the Gospel and my testimony.

In late 2019 I figured I would start an Instagram to put up quotes and scriptures and it has been the greatest experience to be able to encourage others with the Word and the goodness of Christ. However, something felt off for me because I was pumping out content but I wasn’t being my authentic self. I was pretending that I didn’t deal with daily struggles because I was afraid to misrepresent the glory of the Lord. The truth was that people didn’t need my perfection. They needed my honesty and the reason I follow Christ, they needed someone they could relate to so they can see the work of the Lord’s hand in my life, not an illusion of perfection.

That brings me here… I love Purposely Loved on Instagram but I wanted to make a safe places for someone who may need more than a caption. I want to be able to go into depth about my struggles and my victories and let’s face it, Instagram is not that place. I don’t think people are reading long posts on there. I know I don’t, especially if I’m lost in a scroll.

So this is why I’ve created this blog and my hope is to turn it into something that would comfort God’s people and touch something in the hearts of unbelievers. I would love for them to see that we aren’t much different, that the only one who is perfect is Jesus Christ and that is why we all need him. A lot of us are walking around feeling like we are unloved or unlovable and it truly pains me to know that this is the truth for many. I know that to be true because I still struggle with that too. My hope is to give the same love that Christ has given to me to others. I want them to know they are fully loved with intention by the Creator of all creation.

I look forward to sharing Jesus, The Gospel and my testimony with you all. Until the next post, please remember, you are loved and you have purpose.